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Andrew Reichline

As an artist, I draw on experiences from two life career pursuits, first as a commercial photographer, then as a psychotherapist for over 36 years. My photographic compositions reflect visual and emotional sensitivities honed from each pursuit.

I have taken photographs for over 40 years. I worked as a commercial photographer on the West Coast for a decade, specializing in photo illustration. My worked has appeared in trade books, text books, magazines, record album covers, sales brochures, travel brochures, advertising and web sites. My professional work drew me to locations throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

I am a recipient of the James D. Phelan Photography Award. My photographs has been displayed in the Oakland Museum of Art and I have exhibited in both California and Maine. When I was twenty-nine, I returned to graduate school, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. After my internship I went into private practice in Santa Monica, California. My wife, author and teacher Sally B. Landsburg, and I bought and renovated a vacation home in Tenants Harbor 31 years ago, eventually moving to Maine full time. We now live and work in Rockland, Maine.

I maintain a full time psychotherapy private practice. With the exception of an occasional hiatus, I have never stopped shooting photographs and creating fine art prints. Though I worked extensively as a studio photographer, I have a passion for shooting in natural light. I am also drawn to the challenge of pushing the photographic process to the limits. The whole is a lot more than the sum of the parts.

When viewing my pieces, people might experience my art as they do a good book, a well executed movie or perhaps even a vivid dream, where one is simultaneously drawn into the story while on another level being aware of the craft, if not the artifice, in the work, and even the the artistic sense and spirit that energizes it.

I believe that photography, or any other art medium, is essentially a communications process. I put my trust in my own eye and the spirit which informs the what, when and where to shoot and how to print and then trust the final result will strike a chord somewhere within the viewer, with the creative process being a shared experience between artist and viewer.

Thank you for being open to communicating,

Andrew Reichline

Andrew’s work can be viewed here as well as on his web site.

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