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Rhonda Reichline Dubin

After a discouraging critique by a photography professor while I was a young art student many years ago, I quietly put my first 35mm camera down, believing that I would never take photographs again. It wasn’t until the digital age when my techie instincts took over that I fell in love with taking pictures. A former weaver, jewelry-maker, paper-maker, book artist, and now, part-time graphic designer, I am delighted by color, form, texture and the serendipitous juxtaposition of those elements and the visual treats they present.

I live amongst the glorious Redwood trees in Northern California, yet my inspiration mostly come from travels here and there. While in a place such as Mexico, you will often find me taking close-up photographs of walls, sidewalks, cobblestones and other mundane details of the street. I feel like an archaeologist gathering treasures…and when I lay them out before me I have a sense of the place I have been.

I first fell in love with the enchanting city of Guanajuato in 1986, and have visited over a dozen times subsequently. And although things have certainly changed in its social culture – the city remains very much the same in its physical appearance, with its winding alleyways, colorful buildings, mysterious tunnels. When viewed from afar, the city to me seems gritty, untamed, unpredictable. Yet, when I stop to see it up close – a wall bursting with color, an intersection of lines and shapes, an unexpected moment of a bright pink fleeting across a clashing red wall – I see nothing but its beauty. I see its chaotic nature in its irregular angles where nothing seems quite straight. Illuminated by a bright unwavering sunlit sky, Guanajuato is both a place to be taken seriously and yet not seriously. I hope to capture in my photographs that moment that makes me pause and reflect on its uniqueness.

Lately I have been exploring local themes and black and white imagery – a contrasting and equally exciting photographic adventure with a more modern twist, which provides me with a similar way of seeing through form, line and texture. What excites me most is the quirky nature of the urban landscape and opportunities to look for details easily overlooked – seeing the unseen, the spaces in between, the emerging patterns and visual surprises that present themselves in an urban environment.

Rhonda’s work can be viewed here as well as on her web site.

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